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Emma Reed

Employee profile: Emma Reed

When did you start working at Dantek?

I have been working at Dantek for 8 years, providing administrative support to the operations team.  I am responsible for producing certificates which are sent to customers for tank cleaning and disinfection work and reporting sample results to customers. 

I log all the samples taken by our engineers out on site and record them accurately including the customer, site, date, time, sample location (outlet) and sample type.  We take about 500 samples per month and each one must be carefully recorded onto a spreadsheet and submitted to the lab.

What type of samples do you deal with daily?

The most common samples I process are for Legionella, TVC (Total viable count), TVCC (total viable count and coliforms/e.coli), TVCC and pseudomonas aeruginosa taken for swimming pools.  LTHW closed system samples include TVC, NRB, SRB and Pseudomonas species.  Pseudomonas aeruginosa are often taken in health care premises.

All our samples are submitted to a UKAS accredited lab to be tested.  The lab emails me the results and I then take the necessary actions. This will include informing the account manager so they can decide on the next step including informing the customer of the results, I do this immediately when the results are positive.  With a Legionella sample, if serogroup 1 is detected this is the most serious and action will be required immediately. 

TVC are an indication of the total number of culturable bacteria in a given sample, with these we are looking at trends to indicate the bacterial activity in the water for example in a cooling tower. If any E. coli or coliforms are detected these are classed as a fail. 

When a sample has failed, we may advise a resample or where there have been multiple failures a disinfection is often required. It is important to consider past sample results and the level of detection in the sample.  In some instances, disinfection will not get the desired results so we may recommend that a chlorine dioxide system be installed.

What is a common question you often get asked by customers?

The most common question is how long will it take to get my results back?

12 days for final legionella results.  The lab inform us if there are any positive results on day 6 but these are interim results and could change. 

TVC results come back after approx. 5 days.  The lab will inform us if E.coli or coliforms are detected within 3 days.

SRB results take 21 days.  However we are able to supply the results for the other tests carried out alongside these (TVC, NRB, and Pseudomonas species) usually within 7 days.

Are there any factors which influence the samples?

Old buildings with old pipework and disused outlets can cause problems and increase the likelihood of getting a positive result.  Environmental factors like temperature can cause more bacteria to grow within systems so I did notice a spike in positive samples last summer for example.

It is very important to take the sample correctly and keep taps clean.  Little used outlets must be run weekly to prevent stagnation. Occasionally we can have issues with the way in which the sample was taken so following best practice is obviously the correct way to sample.  Our engineers are trained how to use aseptic techniques and follow specific procedures.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really like the people I work with and I am interested in the technical element of my work.  I am looking to improve my technical knowledge so I can advise customers and improve the service we offer. 

New office in Staffordshire

Following the successful acquisition of new business in the Midlands over the last 12 months, Dantek has opened an additional office in the Staffordshire area to support new and existing customers within the Midlands. Within the first 12 months, the central team has successfully taken on multiple new contracts including Birmingham City University and Premiership football club, Leicester City. The Midlands team has over 20 years’ experience working in legionella control and is expertly managed by Holly Jakes, who has worked for Dantek for 10 years. Holly’s commitment to ensuring her team provide the best service and standards is impressive. Through her enthusiasm for preventing legionnaires disease she has grown business in the Midlands while ensuring the core values of Dantek are upheld.

Holly said “The first 12 months have been a great success and companies are becoming more aware of Dantek in the Midlands by word of mouth and recommendations. We really do a great job and cover all works from legionella risk assessments, monthly water monitoring, water treatment, cooling towers, and plumbing remedials. We are supported by our head office in Thornbury but our customers are managed locally so I can guarantee 100% commitment from the initial enquiry through to the work taking place”.

The central team are based within Cannock and Gloucester and are continually growing to support and work together with local businesses, Schools and Universities.

Please contact if you would like to know more about how we can help you keep your water safe.

Water hygiene opportunities at Dantek

water hygiene
Water Hygiene careers at Dantek

Dantek work tirelessly to ensure water systems are kept safe and clean at the wide variety of customer sites we maintain.  We look after legionella control for many different industries and sectors from universities, councils and prestigious office blocks to schools, hospitals and retail.

We are continuing to expand so therefore are looking for some more committed and talented people to join our team.  If you are looking to develop your career with a company who value training and development, then please get in touch.

In particular we would be keen to hear from water hygiene engineers in or around the Bristol area and water treatment engineers in the South East.

Potential candidates only please email


What are Dantek looking forward to in 2018


With the New Year underway we are excited about the prospect of some changes at Dantek, focusing on 2 key areas; skills and productivity.

As with many service based companies our people are our business and we know that to achieve our high growth target we must invest in developing high level technical skills, engagement in work, retention and the recruitment of suitably skilled new starters.

Our top priority is focusing on ensuring our workforce have the skills, confidence and knowledge to perform to the best of their ability.  To improve on our already robust mentor training programme we intend to build a practical training hub at our HQ in Thornbury.  The hub will have live water systems set up to allow engineers to be trained practically in a realistic environment, this will include higher level training in chlorine dioxide units, chemical cleaning and water softener service to name a few.

Martin Kingdon Technical Director at Dantek commented “it will be great to have a bespoke training centre (which may be the first of its kind) especially for new starters to practice in a live setting without the worry and pressure of being on a customer site.”

By investing in training and improving skills throughout the company we are confident engagement will improve and as a result productivity.  We also know the importance of recognising and rewarding our employees who all play a vital role in ensuring customers receive the best possible service. As such this year will also see the introduction of a company wide incentive scheme to allow employees to benefit from the overall success of the company.

As with many SME’s we see the greatest challenge being the ability to continually future proof the company. As such, we will continue to invest heavily in technology for example; our cloud based temperature monitoring log book system which we include for free as part of our water hygiene contracts.

Dantek Environmental Services are a Water Treatment Company, who specialise in the prevention and control of Legionnaires disease.  Founded in 2003, now based in Thornbury and employ 30 people.  Targeted to achieve £3 million turnover.

Trainee Water Hygiene Engineer – Thornbury

Exciting job opportunities at Dantek

Don’t like the thought of being stuck behind a desk all day? Want to kick-start an interesting career with an established business that continuously invests in their employees?
If you’re interested in the plumbing of buildings and how they work behind the scenes, this is a great opportunity to share your passion for all things scientific with a progressive company.
You  must have a driving licence, 5 GCSE’s, customer service skills and ability to learn quickly.  A plumbing background and field service experience would be favourable.
Contact to find out more

Career opportunity at Dantek

Mechanical Service EngineerAre you an experienced Mechanical Service Engineer, or plumbing professional looking to take your next step? If so, this is a fantastic opportunity to take on an interesting and challenging role with a forward-thinking business focused on training and development to enable you to fulfil your potential.

The ideal candidate will have experience of TMV servicing, pipework alterations, dead-leg removal, alterations to unvented systems, tank replacement and tank lining.
In return you will receive excellent training and the opportunity to develop your career with a market-leading business with a respected reputation in the industry.

Water Treatment Consultant joins Dantek

We are delighted to welcome Joshua Martin to the team as a Senior Water Treatment Consultant.

Josh has many years’ experience in Water Treatment gained mostly in London at some very prestigious clients including; The V and A Museum, Kew Gardens, HSBC Tower Canary Wharf and M16 to name a few.

Josh brings a wealth of technical experience to Dantek and will be tasked with managing and growing our Water Treatment accounts, specialising in cooling towers and steam boilers.

Josh said “During my first few weeks with Dantek I have been pleased to find friendly and knowledgeable staff delivering a professional and compliant service for a fair price. As I am primarily a problem solver, believing that H&S implications are always the priority, this approach is refreshing in comparison to many sales focused organisations.”
Outside of work Josh enjoys spending time with his young family, going camping, playing the guitar as well as the occasional canoe trip.

We all wish Josh well and welcome him to Dantek.

Business Development Manager

We are delighted to welcome Tom Stevenson to the team at Dantek, in the role of Business Development Manager.

Tom has a wealth of sales experience gained both within the Water Hygiene Industry and previously at HSBC bank.

Tom said ” I am keen to really make a difference here at Dantek, it is an exciting opportunity for me and I have already had some success in gaining several interesting contracts including Avon and Somerset Police, the Jockey Club and Cheltenham race course. It has been refreshing to work for a company with such high technical expertise and well trained engineers”.

Sales at Dantek
Business Development Manager

New Engineer Stephen Sims joins the team

Stephen joins Dantek bringing a wealth of previous experience having spent over 20 years in water related industries. Stephen has extensive experience and knowledge in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of various water treatment and dosing systems, both in the commercial and industrial sectors.

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