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What are Dantek looking forward to in 2018


With the New Year underway we are excited about the prospect of some changes at Dantek, focusing on 2 key areas; skills and productivity.

As with many service based companies our people are our business and we know that to achieve our high growth target we must invest in developing high level technical skills, engagement in work, retention and the recruitment of suitably skilled new starters.

Our top priority is focusing on ensuring our workforce have the skills, confidence and knowledge to perform to the best of their ability.  To improve on our already robust mentor training programme we intend to build a practical training hub at our HQ in Thornbury.  The hub will have live water systems set up to allow engineers to be trained practically in a realistic environment, this will include higher level training in chlorine dioxide units, chemical cleaning and water softener service to name a few.

Martin Kingdon Technical Director at Dantek commented “it will be great to have a bespoke training centre (which may be the first of its kind) especially for new starters to practice in a live setting without the worry and pressure of being on a customer site.”

By investing in training and improving skills throughout the company we are confident engagement will improve and as a result productivity.  We also know the importance of recognising and rewarding our employees who all play a vital role in ensuring customers receive the best possible service. As such this year will also see the introduction of a company wide incentive scheme to allow employees to benefit from the overall success of the company.

As with many SME’s we see the greatest challenge being the ability to continually future proof the company. As such, we will continue to invest heavily in technology for example; our cloud based temperature monitoring log book system which we include for free as part of our water hygiene contracts.

Dantek Environmental Services are a Water Treatment Company, who specialise in the prevention and control of Legionnaires disease.  Founded in 2003, now based in Thornbury and employ 30 people.  Targeted to achieve £3 million turnover.

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