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steam boilers

Steam Boilers

Dantek offers a complete water treatment service including supply of chemicals for the treatment of boiler feed water. These include the following:

Dantek S456 is a powerful sludge conditioner and dispersant it is particularly effective at preventing crystal growth of Calcium and Magnesium Salts. A specific Iron Oxide Mobilizer is incorporated in the formulation to prevent deposition of iron oxide scales. Dantek S456 can be used at higher concentrations as an on line cleaning agent to loosen existing scales. These product benefits make Dantek S456 one of the most powerful boiler additives on the market today.

Dantek S19 is a concentrated alkalinity builder. This product is recommended for raising boiler water internal pH where the natural feedwater alkalinity or cycles of concentration are low. Hydroxide concentration is directly elevated to promote boiler internal softening and control of corrosion. Dantek S19 DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE FORMATION OF CARBON DIOXIDE IN THE STEAM PHASE. Acceptable for use in carbonate, phosphate, or chelant based boiler treatment programmes.

Dantek S125 is an economical, multi-functional boiler water treatment recommended for the complete control of softened boiler feedwater. Dantek S125 will control residual calcium hardness found in the feedwater or from condensate, adjust hydroxide levels for correct chemical balance, and eliminate dissolved oxygen to prevent pitting corrosion. Dantek S125 contains a catalyst to ensure rapid oxygen scavenging.

Dantek S10N is a convenient to use liquid oxygen scavenger recommended for the complete removal of oxygen from deaerator heaters, feedwater storage areas, feedwater lines, condensate return lines, boiler internals and closed recirculating water systems.

Accurate control of boiler feedwater chemistry is essential if costly problems associated with plant failure, system reliability, poor steam quality and poor thermal efficiency are to be avoided.

Dantek water treatment regimes comply with BS2486 and industry best practice.

To discuss your requirements and for a site specific quote please call Martin on 01454 417920.