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cooling towers

Cooling Towers

The physical properties of water, namely it’s boiling temperature, specific heat and latent heat of vaporization makes it an extremely effective heat transfer and cooling medium. Impurities naturally found in raw water supplies can cause problems with regards to corrosion, scale formation, solids fouling & microbial fouling. A properly designed and implemented water treatment regime will maintain efficiency, prolong plant life and ensure the safe running of the system.

Dantek not only acknowledges but embraces the fact that all of the above must be achieved with ever increasing pressure to conserve water and lower environmental impact of any operation. We have many years experience in delivering tailored water treatment solutions including treatment of cooling towers.

Dantek offers a complete water treatment service including supply of chemicals, softeners and dosage equipment, backed up by bespoke service and maintenance packages tailored to meet your needs.

Dantek has an extensive range of chemicals specifically designed to give compliance with the Acop L8, maximise plant efficiency and reliability.

As well as the chemistry expertise to design effective water treatment regimes we are aware that it is essential that any regime is implemented, monitored & managed closely to ensure that it continues to delivering the best performance.

Our highly trained water treatment Engineers work closely with site staff in a wide range of industries from heavy industry & food manufacturing to large commercial buildings.

For a site visit and quotation please contact Martin.