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showerhead cleaning and disinfection

Showerhead Cleaning and Disinfection

Showers require cleaning and descaling 4 times per year according to the Health and Safety Executives guidance the ACOP L8 in regard to the control and prevention of legionellosis including Legionnaires' disease.

The showerhead needs to be dismantled so that all the removable parts can be cleaned and descaled. This includes the head, inserts and hoses. This needs to be carried out quarterly or more often if the risk factor indicates; for example in areas with high-risk patients.

Dantek are very experienced at carrying out large shower head descaling contracts at multi-sites, using a powerful chemical to ensure the work is fulfilled promptly and efficiently.  Making use of our free electronic logbook large contracts can easily be managed and reports sent daily to managers to allow full control of information.

A fully trained engineer will follow the method statement, and carry out the work to the highest standard.

For a quote for showerhead cleaning and disinfection services, please contact us us today.

Showerhead requiring cleaning 
The above photo is a showerhead before cleaning and descaling, there are clearly visible signs of scale which could provide nutrients for legionella bacteria to grow and multiply.

Showerhead after cleaning with Dantek Showerhead plus
Above the showerhead after it has been thoroughly cleaned, descaled and disinfected. 

Health and Safety Executive ACoP L8 states:


“The presence of sediment, sludge, scale and other material within the system, together with biofilms, are also thought to play an important role in harbouring and providing favourable conditions in which the Legionella bacteria may grow. A biofilm is a thin layer of micro-organisms which may form a slime on the surfaces in contact with water. Such biofilms, sludge and scale can protect legionella bacteria from temperatures and other biocides that would otherwise kill or inhibit these organisms if they were freely suspended in the water.”

Showerheads and hoses can accumulate limescale and provide nutrients for bacterial growth. Showers by design produce an aerosol that can be inhaled by the user, so particular care should be taken to clean showerheads and hoses routinely as part of your Legionella control programme.


Dantek Engineers are trained to remove, dismantle and clean all types of showerheads and hoses as part of a routine monitoring contract.  

To ensure that showerheads are left scale-free and any underlying biofilm and bacteria are removed Dantek use Showerhead plus which contains an acid formulation with sanitiser.  This is diluted with water in a solution, the showerheads and hoses are submerged, scrubbed and then rinsed.