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water hygiene services

Water Hygiene Services

Water hygiene is the term used to describe the 3 main ways in which the risk of Legionnaires' disease is controlled and prevented in the built environment;

  1. Legionella risk assessment
  2. Remedial actions such as cleaning and disinfection
  3. On-going monitoring for example temperature testing

A legionella risk assessment is the first step to compliance with the ACOP l8. The risk assessment provides the basis on which control measures are put in place. Our assessments are site specific including details of the person responsible, asset registers and AutoCAD schematics of your building.

If any remedial actions are recommended in the risk assessment these should be carried out within a defined timeframe depending on the risk score given by the assessor. They might include tasks such as cleaning and disinfecting cold water storage tanks, lining, replacing or removing the tanks altogether.

To tie everything up together an ongoing monitoring regime is set up to provide a check and balance and to ensure the system continues to control and prevent legionella bacteria, and to report if any further action is required should any results fall outside of the current guidance.

Dantek have a wealth of experience at delivering comprehensive water hygiene services. From the initial legionella risk assessment, right through to comprehensive monitoring contracts. This ensures our customers are meeting their legal obligations under the latest HSE guidance for Legionnaires' Disease the ACoP L8.

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