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legionella risk assessment updates

Legionella Assessment Plans

Legionella Risk Assessments must be reviewed at least every two years, or earlier if:

  • if there is any change in the fabric or use of water systems
  • if an outbreak of the disease occurs
  • if there is any reason to believe it may no longer be valid
It is an imperative aspect of prevention and control and will ensure you are keeping up to date with legislative changes and also changes on your site. It is pro-active and preventative.

Dantek are currently offering risk assessment health checks to help you ensure all recent changes in the ACoP and guidance are covered by your document.

Dantek 'Legionella Plan'

The Dantek ‘Legionella Plan’ is designed to provide a holistic approach to Legionella control going beyond the initial risk assessment. It is ideal for private landlords, nursing homes and dentists as it offers a cost-effective solution at an inclusive price, making budget planning easy. The Legionella Plan provides peace of mind that your site is employing best practice for Legionella control at an all-inclusive cost.

The ‘Legionella Plan’ includes:

  • Comprehensive Legionella risk assessment 
  • An easy to use logbook detailing what actions are required on a monthly basis
  • On-site explanation to staff/training to explain their duties and responsibilities
  • A digital thermometer
  • Copy of latest ACOP L8

Having supplied all the tools you’ll need to manage the Legionella risk at your site, Dantek are also able to back you up with monitoring and support contracts tailored to your individual site needs