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Water Softener Service

Softener services
Routine water softener service


Dantek offer service and repair services on all types of commercial water softeners, with our specialist water softener team throughout the UK.

 During a routine softener service, a thorough check of the overall operation of the softener system is carried out, the brine tank inspected and the regeneration settings are checked to ensure it is working correctly.

The HSG 274 control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold-water systems recommends the following checks for Base Exchange softeners, these are carried out during a 6-monthly softener service:

  • Check there are no visible leaks from the valve seals and end plugs
  • Check the injector is clear and brine is being drawn
  • Check the brine valve is free and not allowing water into the brine tank during service
  • Check the brine level float control (if fitted)
  • Check the regeneration operation
  • Check the water hardness and confirm the softener is giving soft water

An annual service would include the above with the addition of the below

  • Strip down of valve head and replace any warn seals or O-rings as per service kit, if required
  • Visual inspection of softener resin

During the water softener service visit, we will identify any system faults and provide a full report together with a quote for any work required.

The engineer will complete all record systems by logging gathered information and reporting non-compliance, so you can be confident your water softener is performing in an efficient, cost effective and reliable way, and your systems are being protected from the damaging effects of hard water.

Service visits are available from £150 per column.

Call 01454 417920 for a free initial consultation.

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