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water tank replacement

Water Tank Replacement

Cold water storage tanks are inspected annually in accordance with the ACoPL8. Over time some tanks can deteriorate in condition and eventually replacement is the most economical and practical solution.

Replacement of cold water storage tanks should be considered if any of the following occur:
  • Heavy corrosion which can cause leaks or failure
  • Over capacity from change in building use
  • Poor access preventing inspection
  • Non compliance with current water regulations
In some instances it can be more economical to replace a tank with either a bespoke or standard GRP tank with all the lastest compliance fittings
Heavily corroded water tank
Replacing tanks that are heavily corroded is often the best solution.
Dantek are experienced at providing advice about whether to replace or line, and will project manage a job from quote stage through to disinfection. Taking into consideration water supply to occupants while the replacement takes place.