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Filtration system fitted to Cold Water storage tank

Water tank
Filter fitted to water tank inlet

Dantek engineer Dave Smith noticed on routine inspection there was a large amount of sediment in the tank despite the recent clean and disinfection carried out. After a site visit and further investigation it was decided the best course of action was to install a filter to remove all suspended solid particles such as earth, sand, rust or any particles larger than 10 micron.

A Cyclonic Cintropur Filter with 10 Micron Filtration was supplied & installed  by Dantek, with pressure gauges on both the inlet and outlet  including a purge valve at the base of the filter bowl.

During routine water hygiene monitoring the pressure differential is recorded between the inlet and outlet of the filter,  and any debris will be flushed from the base of the filter bowl if necessary, also when required or at a minimum of every 3 months the 10 micron filter mesh will be changed as recommended for best hygiene practices on potable water supplies, and to flush out the bypass to eliminate any stagnation.

All data of these works are recorded in the clients Electronic Log Book supplied free of charge to all of our clients.

For more information about how Dantek can help keep your water safe call now for a free initial consultation. 01454 417920


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