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TR19 Kitchen extract cleaning


To comply with the TR19 internal cleanlines of ventilation systems, kitchen extract systems should be cleaned to ensure the thickness of grease deposits is kept below 200 micorns throughout the system.

To clean kitchen extract Dantek use a DFDL solution which is sprayed onto the surfaces and left to work for at least 10 minutes.  Surfaces are wiped, scrubbed or scrapped to remove deposits.  A post cleaning report is provided including photo’s of the internal sections of the canopy.

James Purday (Dantek Engineer) who carried out a kitchen extract clean recently for a large canteen at a factory said “ it is always really satisfying when you see the results post clean, it can be hard work but I enjoy the challenge”.


Kitchen extract cleaning
Large kitchen canopy pre clean


Kitchen extract cleaning
Grease filters requiring clean
Kitchen extract cleaning
Post clean – grease filters

Filtration system fitted to Cold Water storage tank

Water tank
Filter fitted to water tank inlet

Dantek engineer Dave Smith noticed on routine inspection there was a large amount of sediment in the tank despite the recent clean and disinfection carried out. After a site visit and further investigation it was decided the best course of action was to install a filter to remove all suspended solid particles such as earth, sand, rust or any particles larger than 10 micron.

A Cyclonic Cintropur Filter with 10 Micron Filtration was supplied & installed  by Dantek, with pressure gauges on both the inlet and outlet  including a purge valve at the base of the filter bowl.

During routine water hygiene monitoring the pressure differential is recorded between the inlet and outlet of the filter,  and any debris will be flushed from the base of the filter bowl if necessary, also when required or at a minimum of every 3 months the 10 micron filter mesh will be changed as recommended for best hygiene practices on potable water supplies, and to flush out the bypass to eliminate any stagnation.

All data of these works are recorded in the clients Electronic Log Book supplied free of charge to all of our clients.

For more information about how Dantek can help keep your water safe call now for a free initial consultation. 01454 417920


Excellent results for Dantek Engineers at Uni!

Water hygiene monitoring
Great work by Dantek Engineers at Uni at water hygiene monitoring

Holly Jakes our account manager for University of Gloucestershire was delighted to hear the Dantek team have become the first contractor to ever be awarded with “excellent”, the highest score possible on the University’s service provider review matrix.  Our engineers were recognised for their exemplary presence on site and the high standard of work carried out.

One of the reasons for the high performance was that the University use the Dantek electronic log book for their monitoring contract, which is provided free for all our contract customers. On site staff received training on how to use the electronic log book, to ensure they use the system easily and effectively manage legionella control across the University.

If you would like to find out more about our electronic log book, or how we can help your site manage Legionella control please call our sales team today 01454 417920 or email

Water Softener Service

Softener services
Routine water softener service


Dantek offer service and repair services on all types of commercial water softeners, with our specialist water softener team throughout the UK.

 During a routine softener service, a thorough check of the overall operation of the softener system is carried out, the brine tank inspected and the regeneration settings are checked to ensure it is working correctly.

The HSG 274 control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold-water systems recommends the following checks for Base Exchange softeners, these are carried out during a 6-monthly softener service:

  • Check there are no visible leaks from the valve seals and end plugs
  • Check the injector is clear and brine is being drawn
  • Check the brine valve is free and not allowing water into the brine tank during service
  • Check the brine level float control (if fitted)
  • Check the regeneration operation
  • Check the water hardness and confirm the softener is giving soft water

An annual service would include the above with the addition of the below

  • Strip down of valve head and replace any warn seals or O-rings as per service kit, if required
  • Visual inspection of softener resin

During the water softener service visit, we will identify any system faults and provide a full report together with a quote for any work required.

The engineer will complete all record systems by logging gathered information and reporting non-compliance, so you can be confident your water softener is performing in an efficient, cost effective and reliable way, and your systems are being protected from the damaging effects of hard water.

Service visits are available from £150 per column.

Call 01454 417920 for a free initial consultation.

Water Hygiene Engineer Bristol

Water Hygiene Engineer – Bristol

Are you an experienced Water hygiene/ treatment Engineer, legionella control and / or plumbing professional looking to take your next step? If so, this is a fantastic opportunity to take on an interesting and challenging role with a forward-thinking business focused on training and development.

The ideal candidate will have an exceptional customer service skills and a passion for working at different locations every day. You may also have plumbing qualifications or previous experience within the legionella control / water hygiene / cleaning sectors.

This is a superb chance to undertake excellent training and develop a rewarding career with a market-leading business.

Get in touch today to find out more about this exciting position:

Water Hygiene Engineer job
Temperature monitoring

We are looking for an Operations Co-ordinator

Operations Co-ordinator is a diverse and critical role at Dantek, and one which requires exceptional organisation and planning skills to maximise the efficiency of our mobile engineers. Working within a small team you will be organising and scheduling jobs for our field based water hygiene engineers.

It is a customer focused role that requires an assertive, firm but also approachable attitude as you will be liaising with the sales team, engineers and many different customers throughout the day. It is essential that procedures are followed and solutions quickly found to resolve issues and problems that may arise on a daily basis.

Being able to prioritise and plan, you will need to be quick thinking and able to multi task. Often a flexible and adaptable approach will be required. Superb skills in Microsoft Office and ideally experience at using scheduling software will be advantageous.

To find out more contact

Dantek have moved!

We have recently moved offices our new contact details are as follows;

Unit B3
Ashville Park
BS35 3UU

Tel: 01454 417920

Thank you gift for Dantek customers 10410 voucher

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New recruit Stephen Sims!

Stephen joins Dantek bringing a wealth of previous experience having spent over 20 years in water related industries. Stephen has extensive experience and knowledge in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of various water treatment and dosing systems, both in the commercial and industrial sectors.

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