Water tank cleaning


Keeping your water tanks clean is an important part of a water hygiene regime. Sludge, scale and debris must be removed to ensure a habitat for legionella bacteria is not created.

Our team recently cleaned and disinfected a group of interconnected tanks which fed a hotel, the before and after photos below demonstrate the condition of the cold water storage tanks before and after the clean and disinfection work was carried out.

For this job our engineers used a disinfectant called  Sanosil.

SANOSIL is a stabilised aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide containing colloidal silver and other stabilising materials.  COSHH data can be provided prior to work commencing. The product is WRAS approved and listed in the water fittings and materials directory for emergency disinfection of potable water systems.

Before cleaning and disinfection this tank was in a very poor condition

Cleaning a cold water tank

During the cleaning and disinfection process

Chlorination of tank

Tank ready to be refilled with clean water

Cleaning tanks


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