Warm weather and Legionella risk?

Checking the temperature of stored water

The HSE recommend summertime to inspect cold water storage tank temperatures, to ensure the stored water is kept below the recommended 20°C throughout the year.  With high temperatures forecast for the next week, temperatures particularly in roof spaces can increase significantly.  Good fitting Insulation on cold water storage tanks, together with a regular through flow, should ensure the temperatures of the stored water is kept below 20°C, however further actions may be required if temperature control cannot be maintained.

In exceptionally hot weather like we are currently experiencing across the UK, mains water supplied can increase to a surface temperature of up to 23°C, clearly if this were to happen steps would need to be taken to ensure high turnover of stored water and the prevention of stagnation.

In an exceptionally hot summer it may be necessary to review the legionella risk assessment and make any appropriate changes to the control regime, to reduce the risk of legionella bacteria multiplying to sufficient numbers to potentially cause an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.

Our highly trained Water Hygiene engineers at Dantek can inspect your cold water storage tanks, and our Legionella Risk Assessors can offer advice about what to do if your system is not achieving adequate temperature control.

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