TR19 Kitchen extract cleaning


To comply with the TR19 internal cleanlines of ventilation systems, kitchen extract systems should be cleaned to ensure the thickness of grease deposits is kept below 200 micorns throughout the system.

To clean kitchen extract Dantek use a DFDL solution which is sprayed onto the surfaces and left to work for at least 10 minutes.  Surfaces are wiped, scrubbed or scrapped to remove deposits.  A post cleaning report is provided including photo’s of the internal sections of the canopy.

James Purday (Dantek Engineer) who carried out a kitchen extract clean recently for a large canteen at a factory said “ it is always really satisfying when you see the results post clean, it can be hard work but I enjoy the challenge”.


Kitchen extract cleaning

Large kitchen canopy pre clean


Kitchen extract cleaning

Grease filters requiring clean

Kitchen extract cleaning

Post clean – grease filters