Legionella electronic log book in action

Tank cleaning

Cold water storage tank requires cleaning and disinfection


During routine monitoring of cold water storage tanks at a school a large amount of debris was recorded and photographed with the Dantek electronic monitoring log book.  The tank was cleaned and disinfected and then remarkably on the next tank inspection 6 months later the tank was dirty again.  The photos of the tank demonstrated there was clearly something unusual about the amount of debris, after further investigation the problem was found, and the solution was to add a filtration system to prevent debris and sludge entering the tank.

Being able to monitor and act on evidence has ensured the cold-water storage tanks remain clean and compliant with the ACoPL8 and the pupils and staff using the water at the school remain safe.

If you would to see the electronic log book please contact us as we are happy to come to your site and show you how it works.