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Cooling Tower dosage equipment in the City

Dosage equipment
Efficient dosage and control equipment for cooling tower


Dantek provide cutting edge cooling tower dosage installation.


In a bid to drive up chemical dosage efficiency in a high profile London location, Dantek has provided turnkey solutions, from design and supply through to install, with state of the art dosage and control equipment.


In the very first week, data collected from the equipment highlighted system inefficiencies, empowering the building managers to act fast to implement changes. That’s because the state of the art unit is equipped for direct communication with the building’s LAN, enabling 24/7 remote monitoring and control.


Thanks to these changes, the Building Managers have seen a significant reduction in water usage an increase in safety and peace of mind.


The install incorporates a corrosion rack assembly for quantitative measurement of corrosion rates in the system: that enables us to accurately measure the effectiveness of the water treatment regime and respond fast.


At Dantek we understand that you want optimum value for money, safety and control; that’s why we’re delighted to see this system delivering just that for our client, in such a short period of time.

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